Don’t Wait Until it’s TOO LATE!!

UrgentCareTravel (UCT) invites all UTBA members and their drivers for a Free 10-15 Minute Medical Consultation at any UCT clinic as part of UCT’s Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late campaign.

If a driver has a 1 year or less CDL certification, Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late
   – Based on almost 20,000 DOT Physicals UCT performed, 1 in 2 drivers receives a restricted CDL of 1 year or less due to a chronic condition (diabetes, hypertension, obesity). As their CDL comes up for renewal, we invite drivers to come to a UCT clinic beforehand to get a free medical consultation to help them prepare for their upcoming DOT Physical.

If a driver has some health questions or concerns, Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late
   – Drivers have many questions about their health or may not be aware of the penalties associated with their conditions, but they don’t have access to convenient medical care.  UCT’s clinics located at Pilot Flying J give drivers that convenient access. With the free medical consultation, drivers have the opportunity to discuss what’s on their mind to see what medical options may be available for them.

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late is the same mantra drivers know all about when it relates to their truck.
   – Why do drivers perform preventive maintenance on their trucks like oil changes, tire checks, engine checks, etc.? To prevent their truck from breaking down – when the wheels aren’t moving, there is no income.
   – It’s the same regarding health. A driver’s body is their truck.  If their body breaks down, there is no income. Come in for a free medical consultation to understand their body’s health issues/needs so that they can drive a million more miles.

Members use the Reference Code UTBA2019 for this fantastic benefit!!!

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late